Chapter 11: How to handle different types of weather when your pitching
HEAT: Heat is something all pitchers need to be prepared for as all will experience it to some degree. The heat problem is worsened by full length pants and protective helmets. Here are several things to do to help when heat is a problem in a game situation:
1) Warm up in the shade
2) Use a very wet cool towel on the forehead and back of the neck after every inning
3) Drink lots of water or a product like Gatorade
4) Stay in the shade between innings
5) Take your time between pitches
6) Use sunscreen and lip balm
7) The coach should have someone watch the pitcher very carefully. Look for anything unusual in their actions on the mound. Have them talk to the pitcher between innings. The pitcher must be alert and have clear focusing eyes. We had a pitcher win a tournament Most Valuable Trophy on a hot day and not remember any of the game at all two hours later.
8) Relax in the shade and continue to towel down and drink liquids after the game.
9) Some coaches mix water and ammonia with ice in a bucket filled with cotton towels. These towels are used on the forehead and neck for a very quick cooling. NOTE: The kids don’t like this because of the odor
10) Use a rosen bag to keep hands from getting to sweaty and wet.
1) Take a lot of time warming up in the sunshine
2) Once your arm is ready put a thick jacket on and leave it on until you pitch. Between innings and after the game put the coat back on
3) Wear mittens, not gloves, and a wool hat between innings
4) Drink warm liquids
5) Do not waste time between pitches
6) When you are done completely warm down
1) Keep a positive attitude in the rain, the ball will get wet and it is easy to loose focus. One must stay “in” the mind set and not let the slippery ball play with their mind. Keep a towel behind the mound to draw off the ball whenever necessary.
Sit in a safe place and stay dry until lighting has stopped.
1) Wear sunscreen and lip balm
2) Keep dust and or hair out of your eyes and face by wearing a hat if possible.
3) Watch for small dust devils. Time your pitches so they pass through any dust devils that cross between you and the batter.
4) You can actually use wind as an advantage with the movement of your pitches and your speed (assuming you are not going against the wind). Try to stay focus and work with it without getting frustrated.

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