Mental Toughness (Softball and Baseball)


When a practiced baseball or softball pitcher takes the mound their mental outlook can determine the outcome of that inning as much as their physical ability. One proof of this is “when the inning’s lead off batter reaches first on a walk they tend to score more than 60% of the time” The pitcher’s team mates will be the 2nd line of defense and the pitcher must show appreciation for their effort. But the first line of defense is the pitcher. There is no defense for a walk! Pitchers must have great confidence in their ability to execute and place each pitch. They must also believe that the pitch selected is the best choice for the situation. Every at bat is a personal competition and the pitcher must feel they will win! As the pitcher’s ability advances they will find that against some batters, intentionally running a count to 3 and 0 is not only not a problem but can become a fun game within a game. This is the toughness a top pitcher needs. The only way to build mental toughness is through practice. However, for the practice to create the mental outlook needed, it has to be conducted in a certain way; most pitching practices are not! Throwing for a time period or a certain number of pitches is not the kind of practice that will give you this toughness. Our blog topics 5, 6 and 7 will outline, what we believe to be, the most successful way to build self confidence in a pitcher through correct practice. A practice the pitcher and her catcher/instructor/mother/father will both enjoy. For starting pitchers the first issue has to be correct motion with no regard for speed or accuracy. The best way to get this is from a GOOD pitching coach. Do not try to imitate another pitcher. Our next Blog entry will help you find the correct teacher.

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